Thank you for your interest in a scholarship from the Pragmatic Dharma Foundation.  We’re excited you want to go on a retreat!   

The application is scored based on a predetermined rubric, and our decision-making process is quite systematic.  Please answer all questions honestly.  Some things that make applicants more competitive include a history of consistent meditation practice, demonstrated support from a meditation teacher or retreat facility, and a willingness to share your retreat experience.

Having a budget that clearly explains or justifies your expenses will also increase your chances of receiving a scholarship.  You can access a budget template here.   Please send budgets, letters of recommendation, and other materials that you’d like to include to  

Good luck! 

Application Deadlines

For applications above $300, we have 4 annual deadlines:

Jan 15
April 15
July 15
Oct 15

Please consider this in submitting your application.   You can expect a reply to your application the week following the deadline date.  

Applications for $300 and under will be reviewed on a rolling basis and will receive a reply within two weeks of submission.

Policies and Procedures 

Before filling out the application, it is required that you read the policies and procedures.  It’s no satipatthana sutta, but there’s some really important information in it.  So, seriously, please read it.  Click here for policies and procedures.  



Click here for the scholarship application